Fox Guitars are crafted by hand in Brazil using exotic Brazilian woods from
sustainable sources. The model range named Amazona presently consists of
four models. These are the V3 Clássico Deluxe nylon strung six string, the V3
Acústico Deluxe steel strung six string, the V2 / V3 Acústico Twelve String Deluxe
and the B2 / B3 Acústico Five String Bass Deluxe. Other exciting models are in the

What sets these guitars apart is the concepts of solid bodied, acoustic amplified
performance combined with high handcrafted build quality and the use of exotic
Brazilian woods. There are no veneers in these instruments. Even the tops are
solid wood. They are totally handcrafted with not an automated machine in sight.
These really are handcrafted boutique guitars, at a mass produced price.

The concept is aimed at musicians who required acoustic amplified properties for
stage use without the problems of feedback.

Many people have compared the Fox B2 Amazona 5 String Bass and Fox Star
Bass Custom to custom US models at two or three times the price.

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D'Alegria Custom Made

D'Alegria is a Brazilian company specialising in the production of handmade
musical instruments, in particular Guitars and Bass Guitars.  Using the best
non-endangered wood species available in Brazil and top notch hardware, all their
instruments match the highest international standards of workmanship and

All D'Alegria's instruments are fully customisable. You can select the woods,
combinations of wood, passive or active electronics, the hardware, the finish and
many more parameters.

The two Partners [Luthiers] have twenty years of experience in the handcrafting of
guitars and musical instruments.
Woodview Enterprises Ltd
Handmade with Brazilian Passion
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