About Our Business
We are a small specialist company staffed by musicians with years of experience.

Our aim is to bring you the best of handcrafted boutique and customs guitars.

After many years of international business, including years in Brazil, the founder of
our company discovered some of the worlds finest manufacturers of handcrafted
Guitars and Bass Guitars. Having purchased instruments for his private
collection, we are now importing and making these fantastic instruments
available to discerning musicians in the UK.

You will not find mass produced products in these pages.

What you will find are guitars and basses, wholly crafted by hand, using only the
finest Exotic Brazilian Wood. Full customisation is available.

Remember the names -
Fox ,D'Alegria and Rodrigo Moreira- because you will
hear a lot about them in the future.
Woodview Enterprises
If you require additional information or would like to review these prestigious instruments
please contact  us at:

Woodview Enterprises Ltd., Woodview House, Highbarrwood, Kilsyth, G65 0EG, U.K.
Tel: [+44] 01236 824588, Fax: [+44] 01236 824588 or by email at  
Handmade with Brazilian Passion
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