Woodview Enterprises Ltd is proud to be
associated with Swans in Flight who will be
using a
Fox Amazona V3 Acústico
Deluxe 6 string
and a Fox Amazona V2
Deluxe 12 string
in their forthcoming
s. For more information follow
this link.
Swans in Flight
D'Alegria 4 string Defender JB Deluxe voted Bass of the the Year by
Guitar & Bass magazine. See the fabulous D'Alegria Basses and Guitars.
Click on the Guitar & Bass cover to
read the review of the D'Alegria 4
string Defender JB Deluxe Bass
[PDF file]
Acoustic Magazine Liked the Fox V3 Amazona Clássico Deluxe.
Click on the magazine cover below to read the review.
The first Rodrigo Moreira Custom made
Brazilian acoustic has arrived. Rodrigo
produces very special acoustics and
Woodview are proud to be the first to bring
them to Europe. Whether you want a
Dreadnought, Jumbo or Classical acoustic
guitar Rodrigo's instruments are all you could
hope for.
Constructed of the finest materials including
Brazilian Rosewood backs and sides, These
are superb.
Speak nicely to us and you may be able to
prise it from our fingers!
Check out the Fox Custom
Electric Basses. Look for
Fox Star Bass Custom
in our Stock pages and Fox
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