Woodview were joined by Blacki Distribution to distribute our fantastic
products - info@blacki.eu

What we were showing

Woodview Enterprises, imports handmade and custom guitars and basses from Brazil.
On their stand you will find the recently introduced and well received range of Fox
guitars. The current Fox range comprise electro-acoustics designed for live amplified
performance without the usually feedback problems. Also on show will be the
spectacular Fox Star Bass Custom in 4 and 5 string format. Fox guitars, www.foxguitars.
com.br, are manufactured using only top quality and exotic Brazilian woods. Guitarist
magazine said of Fox ‘.. investing in a Fox could be a very cunning move indeed’. Also
on their stand you can see the D’Alegria range of custom basses and guitars. D'Alegria,
www.dalegria.com, hand make a range of fully customisable instruments in exotic
Brazilian woods. Select the basic model and then specify the wood or combinations of
wood, 4, 5 or 6 string configurations, passive or active electronics and more.
Sales enquires to:  sales@woodviewenterprises.com or info@blacki.eu.
Did you see us at the Music Live 2008 Show at the NEC,
Birmingham, 7th to 9th November 2008
Specially commissioned for the show were a number of D'Alegria Custom Made instruments.
Inclusive of
two last minute arrivals in the shape of two very special D'Alegria Dimension guitars.
The finish and quality of these guitars will astound you.
One has a multi-laminate body, both have amazing tops, Tone Chaser hand wound pickups with
the split coil option as well as th
at fabulous Dimension neck.
Here are a few provisional photos to whet your appetite.

Check them out